Company Information & Service Scope

Here at AllFair Trade, we’re committed to serving our retail customers with great products from EU and non-EU origins. We’ve been established in 2016 as wholly-owned subsidiary of the company BioTrio GmbH – a very successful international sales agency for organic private label products, est. in 1994.

We’re young, dynamic and ambitioned and our mission is to bring great food to the German marketplace while aiming to become one of the leading sales and distribution companies for the German retail and drugstore market segments.

Our work is based on the market knowledge and great network BioTrio has established over the years as leading sales agency and external country office.

At AllFair Trade, we are buying and importing our partners’ products and serve them to our clientele on a customized, pallet-by-pallet basis, with short lead times and greatest possible flexibility. Our product focus is broader and more open than ever before; in addition to our core competence snack products, waffles & bars which also include Private Lables we’re looking at growing international brands trying to enter the German market, in virtually all FMCG product areas. Our great contact to our customer base – retailers and drugstore chains of all sizes on the German market – is our main USP together with a well-established logistics network consisting of 4 central warehouses in Germany’s North, South, West and East.

For our partners we provide market access, but also launch and marketing support, market information, feasibility studies and studies pertaining to overall market potential.

Please talk to us; we’re here to help.