Crunchy Bars

A very important pillar of AllFair Trade business today are snack-bars: First under our own brand Albio, plus also importantly for many customers Internationally under Private Label.

Our crunchy, snappy concept

► Offer highly competitive crunchy bars from seeds, nuts and fruits to customers world-wide

► 100% of Raw Materials sourced by us in cooperation with long-term reliable (organic) supply partners

► All functions like Sales, Marketing & the Management of the entire supply chain for all customers are centralised

► Full Coordination of all Marketing, Design and Packaging print aspects for PL customers

► Production by highly competent manufacturers (IFS), mainly in Eastern European countries

► More than 120 million single bars sold worldwide every year

► Customized recipes

► Lean Structures and economies of scale in all areas allow top Efficient Commercial Proposals.


AllFair Trade offers customized Privat Labelling and its own brand Albio.


Possible claims

We offer various claims and USP´s in order to maximize Marketing potential to consumer needs.


Our crunchy bar range

Standard recipes:


Or create your own crunchy bar recipe and mix with addtional ingredients like:

  • Amaranth
  • Quinoa
  • Chia
  • Millet
  • Almonds
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Raisins
  • Cranberries
  • Macadamia
  • and much more!


Crunchy Sesame bars are also available as fully chocolate-coated variety or with chocolate stripe decor.



The crunchy bars are sweetened with honey, sugar and/or cereal syrup and available in different bar weight formats, typically as follows:

  • Bar Varieties – Pure nuts / seeds:

25g/30g/ 50g Single bar

  • Bar Varieties – Mixes:

27g/30g/ 50g Single bar

  • Bar Varieties – Sesame Chocolate Coated:

30g/33g/ 50g Single bar

Or to your specification!



Our crunchy Packaging solutions

For crunchy bars we provide packaging solutions such as single bar packs, multi-boxes and flowpacks.




Examples Sesame Bars:
→ 3 bars, weight per bar: 27/30g
→ 4 bars, weight per bar: 27/30g
Stack of 3-4 slices per pack.

Folding boxes

Recommended pack sizes:
→ 3 bars per pack, 25/30g
→ 6 bars per pack, 25/30g
Viewing window:
→ Variations at your choice


Outer Cases 

Outer case recommendations:
→ Display: 25 bars, weight per bar 27g/30g
→ Display: 10 x Multi-Flowpack (3 x 30g / 4 x 30g)
→ Display: 16 x 3 bars per folding box


Our crunchy brand Albio


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